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As the solar sailer reached near the end of a canyon which was near to the MCP, it crashed into Sark's Carrier in an ambush and Tron fell off.

The sailer flies on (according to the script) "data transmission beams" that send information to other parts of a local computer.

After a mysterious underwater boat breaks the bond between their two boats, they take off and Cutler leaves his saviour on a dock.

The renegade tells him to rally more people in their revolt before returning his veteran armband to him.

Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn, and Quorra find an unmanned solar sailer preparing to depart from Tron City and heading towards their destination, the Portal.

They stow away aboard the sailer, later to discover the sailer's cargo to be enslaved programs and its destination to be a carrier constructed by Clu.

In 2012, the theme was used Tron: Legacy, a similar theme of Elec TRONica at Disney California Adventure from fall 2010 to early 2012.

In specified date of the Halloween event on Friday and Saturday nights, popular Hong Kong Celebrities known as Commercial Radio Hong Kong (叱咤903, 903 DJ) take over the stage with their own brand of party games, listed below.

He encourages Beck unintentionally, saying that the renegade is a hero and he isn't alone. Before being taken away, he gives Beck his veteran arm band.

As a "reward" for doing a good job, General Tessler lets them have a light disc battle to the death... Cutler and Beck refuse to fight until Beck provokes Cutler. Beck, as Tron, boards the Interceptor that Cutler is being held in, but Pavel notices and tries to shoot them down. They take a boat and are attacked by Pavel on the water.

He and Beck team up after being captured and taken to the light disc coliseum.

They also join forces in a two man verses three light cycle fight which they win.

After Tron received the data needed to destroy the MCP, Tron and Yori used the solar sailer to escape the game grid.