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Don’t use any of these, however, in a series that begins with for example. because it’s assumed there are other items besides that listed. 11, 2000 – Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency Lowercase farm-to-market road.Example: A presidential executive order was signed today. Example: In Iowa, a farm-to-market road means those county jurisdiction intracounty and intercounty roads which service principal traffic generating areas and connect such areas to other farm-to-market roads and primary roads.

As illustrated, the proper correction is likely to be not the replacement of one word or set of words by another, but the replacement of vague generality by definite statement.(We need less coffee and fewer donuts.) The phrase is made up of two compounded (but not equal) elements; always in this order.Unequal elements must be separated by some kind of punctuation and the only logical candidate is a comma: first come, first serve(d).(Insure yourself against the cost of illness.) Assure implies the removal of doubt or suspense; ease someone's mind.(I assure you that I mean no harm.) Use because to denote a specific cause-effect relationship: She went because she was told.Prepositions; Use between to refer to a relationship involving two of something (i.e., The selection committee will choose between Chris and Carol.

The competition between the two of them is fierce.; Use among to refer to a relationship involving any number above two (i.e., The ballots circulated among the committee members.

Use of “and/or” is not recommended because it confuses the reader.

Avoid using the expression "and/or." Instead of "A and/or B," write "A or B, or both." Similary, instead of "A, B and/or C," write "A, B or C, or comibination thereof." Use "anybody" or "anyone" (one word) when making an indefinite reference: Anyone can do it.

Since is acceptable in a casual sense when the first event in a sequence led logically to the second but was not its direct cause: They went to the game, since they had been given the tickets. Government Printing Office: Code of Federal Regulations Citations The following describes how information is contained in a CFR citation. Part: Is the numeric value to the right of "CFR" and preceding the period (".").

Since is time related: from a definite time past to now; before the present time; after a time in the past Behavior Based Safety (capitalized, not hyphenated) when referring to the Iowa DOT’s program (official name) (Source: OES 10/28/15); behavior-based safety (not capitalized, with hyphen) to other safety programs/items (Source: Mohs 10/28/15) Capital means chief, principal or wealth, state center of government "Des Moines is the capital of Iowa" (do NOT capitalize). Capitol and the Capitol when referring to the building in Washington, D. Section/Subpart: Is the numeric value to the right of the period (".").

Use the article a before consonant sounds: a grand event, a one-year term (o sounds as if it begins with a w), a united stand (sounds like you).

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    The 2010 season would be the Raiders best season at 8-8 since losing Super Bowl XXXVII to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2002 NFL season.