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Every member on the ice that night looked 10 to 20 years younger than they are, especially Genny Burdette, 76, and Caroline Gilbert, 80.

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As the music changed, they freely switched partners, with the more experienced skaters helping the novices to gain confidence.Becky, who already had some training as a figure skater, coaxed her hockey-playing husband into trying something they could enjoy together.Initially leery, David discovered he really liked it.The silver went to another Soviet couple, [Marina Klimova] and [Sergey Ponomarenko], who had also been second at the World for three consecutive years, while the bronze was won by the Canadians, [Tracy Wilson] and [Rob Mc Call].Wilson and Mc Call were making a habit of that position, placing third at the 1986-87 Worlds and would again win bronze at the 1988 World Championships.[Nataliya Bestemyanova] and [Andrey Bukin] were World Champions in 1985-87 and European Champs in 1985-88.

They won the gold medal in Calgary easily, winning all three phases – compulsory dance, optional set pattern dance, and free dance.

But Kamin, Lee and other members of the Starlight Ice Dance Club at Parade Ice Arena have long been passionate about what others see as a rarefied pursuit.

“Every four years a lot of people pay attention to ice dancing,” said Daphne Backman, editor of the website

“Hitler gave her one of her medals.” Harder than hockey Towering, silver-haired David Evans is clearly at ease on the ice, guiding his wife, Becky, around the rink with courtly deference.

His moves are a lot more elegant than those he uses in the other ice sport he’s played for 40 years, hockey. “It’s also more romantic.” Even recreational ice dancers chafe at the notion that their sport of choice is sometimes called “pairs skating lite,” chosen as a fallback by those who can’t cut it with the jumps and the freestyle.

The couples were ranked on Ordinal Placement, based on judges' points, with final placement for each section determined by Majority Placements.

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