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Gaz and charlotte dating sites - who is ne yo currently dating

on camera that he planned to win back his famous ex in time for the next run of episodes.Of course, that hasn't happened and they're both now with other people; she's dating Stephen Bear, and he's with Mario Falcone's ex-girlfriend Emma Mc Vey.

The Geordie Shore star insisted his fans will never get over his former romance, despite him moving on months ago.

Gaz made the candid confession during an appearance on This Morning today, lifting the lid on his ex-girlfriend and their turbulent relationship.

He revealed the break-up was so bad, it "took one of us to leave so we could move on with our lives... eventually we're both moving on to the next chapter of our lives." The pair split shortly before Gaz headed to Thailand to film the new series of Ex On The Beach. I hope one day we can be friends again." Charlotte has been going out on dates with other men since the break-up, and Gaz has also found himself a new girlfriend.

The reality regular is also convinced that they would still be together if he hadn't "messed up".

CHARLOTTE Crosby has shared a romantic memory from her relationship to ex Gaz Beadle, appearing to put their bitter split behind them for good.

GAZ Beadle has declared that Charlotte Crosby had to quit Geordie Shore after their split because they just couldn't stay on the show together after the break-up.

The reality couple split earlier this year and Gaz admits his former lover had to walk away from the show in order to move on from the troubled romance, insisting "it took one of us to leave".

This throwback photo of Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle is certainly a cute one. More importantly, take a once over of Charlotte's outfit. The Geordie Shore star modelled a beige waterfall front coat, which she cleverly styled as a dress.

Talk about getting two for the price of one with that number!

But a bit of vomit's never stopped anyone, so of course the pair ended up bucking in the bedroom."The night has been my perfect date," Gaz says.

"You start off with a nice sophisticated romantic meal, you go back to your house, you go out with all your mates, you get absolutely shitfaced, you're sick everywhere, but you still manage to have sex."Tell me that is not a good date."Nope, fair enough, sounds like a good date to us...

The former Geordie Shore beauty shocked fans as she reached out to her former partner on Twitter tonight, revealing an intimate memory of their time together.

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