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Giornale l'unione sarda online dating - wives dating site

The vaccination of the animals, which could have at least reduced the damage, will only just be carried out with much delay during 2002.From a meteorological point of view, Winter and Spring were rather wet.

However, it has also led to unemployment in a depressed area and it has created an environmental blot on the landscape because the rubble is still there on show for all to see.

And last but not least, there was the incredible tourist who tried to leave the beach in Calasetta with a specimen of the Caretta Caretta sea turtle under his arm.

So as to remind us that it isn't only the tourists who behave badly, it was a bunch of local hooligans who caused the death of young man of 22 by throwing rocks at passing cars at Arzachena.

The "Isola Sarda" Newsletter, a weekly summary of the most important events occurring in Sardinia, can help us to remember how this past year, which is about to come to an end, has been.

Unfortunately, however, our Island featured prominently in the outbreak of another infection.

Never in living memory have an October and November been so hot as in 2001, evidently a sign that seasonal patterns are really changing.

With regard to the economy, 2001 witnessed the continuing ascent of Tiscali, which established itself as the national leader of the so-called "new market" companies.

There were still numerous forest fires this year but luckily, no one was killed and the number of hectares destroyed wasn't particularly high.

In 2001 there was another increase in the acts of violence in the Barbagia area, which included numerous criminal acts.

What featured most prominently from April to December was news about the important so-called "Continuita' Territoriale", that is to say the long-held dream for Sardinians to be able to take advantage of reasonable fares for their trips to the mainland.

After a number of ups and downs and an experiment that involved an international tender for the allocation of the routes to the airlines, there were many controversies, appeals, discussions and threats but in the end it was a cause for a New Year celebration. There were also positive moves with regard to maritime links.

A new operator entered into the market on the Cagliari-Civitavecchia and Olbia-Leghorn and new ferries like the Tirrenia Lines "Bithia" on the Porto Torres-Genoa route.

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