Gotham city imposter online dating

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Gotham city imposter online dating

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In this game of oneupmanship the two gangs continue to fight each other in the names of good and evil. The five body types are Speedy, Nimble, Tough, Burly and Mighty.Use of each in the custom classes require you to unlock them through gaining experience points and new levels.As a team controls the majority of Gasblasters, the atmosphere will fill up with their type of colored gas (green for friendly gas and red for enemy gas).Once either team has reached critical mass (as noted on the bottom-left corner of the HUD), the opposing team will die and lose the match (the Bats' gas calls in a swarm of real bats that tear up any Jokerz still remaining, while the Jokerz release a deadly nerve toxin that kills any Bats still alive).The Batz crew clearly doesn’t realize that the actual Caped Crusader never uses guns and doesn’t kill… The real takeaway here is that you get to dress up as either Batman or The Joker and run around with a gun. The game is the work of Monolith Productions, the studio behind the original F. That’s saying something when you’re talking about an industry that once birthed a (remarkably terrible) Star Wars-themed Mortal Kombat knockoff.

Imposters is coming to Xbox Live Marketplace, Play Station Network and Windows PCs… There’s no word on a release date or even the time frame we can expect one, suggesting that 2011 may not be in the cards. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have teamed up for Gotham City: Imposters, a downloadable team-based online first-person shooter in which, as the title suggests, you never actually step into the boots of the Dark Knight. WBIE exec Samantha Ryan describes the game in a press release as “an exaggerated take on first-person shooters,” which brings to mind Valve’s much-loved light-hearted online FPS Team Fortress 2.Instead you wage urban warfare as a member of either the Batz or the Jokerz, rival gangs of gun-toting wanna-bes. In truth, this may be one of the most bizarre uses of a franchise license that the gaming biz has yet seen.Set in Gotham City, players are put into one of two opposing factions: freelance crime fighters dressed like Batman, and psychopathic criminals dressed like The Joker, calling themselves Bats and Jokerz respectively.Along with paid downloadable content, Gotham City Imposters has been supported with free title updates, adding new costumes, maps, weapons, and features (including in-game joining).Assault game mode where both teams rush to acquire a neutral car battery that must be brought to their specific Propaganda Machines (special brainwashing devices located near the spawns of their enemy teams).