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He brought Kamel a food processor, a large bottle of Joop! They gave him and his wife Fatima a suite on the fourth floor of the left wing, the only one the hotel is currently using.

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Yacoubi walked up from the beach wielding a Kalashnikov and went on a half-hour rampage at the luxury hotel before police shot and killed him.His wife Fatima is sunbathing on the beach below the hotel.Two waiters in snow-white shirts and black vests are standing behind the terrace door, waiting for him to empty his beer glass.The only discernible movement in the lobby is that of the four glass elevators, as they move rhythmically up and down.After a minute, the next beer arrives -- with a frothy head, as Buszkiewicz had requested.He has eight employees, and there is always plenty to do.

In his free time, he drives around the Eifel Mountains on his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.

It takes just a few minutes to make the last, small bullet hole disappear. Manfred Buszkiewicz is sitting in dappled shade next to the hotel manager, watching the repair work and drinking a morning beer.

His mobile phone makes a bleating noise whenever it receives a report on his favorite soccer team, 1 FC Cologne (the club's mascot is a Billy goat).

He only takes a vacation once a year, and when he does, Buszkiewicz wants peace and quiet, sunshine and his beer served with a frothy head.

As he was driving home from the travel agency, he felt guilty, as if he had let down the staff at the Imperial Marhaba.

Buszkiewicz, who is from the town of Euskirchen, near Cologne, has the club's app on his phone.

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