Postcard dating by stamp

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Postcard dating by stamp - jokes dating older men

The postcards that continued to be produced seemed to reach out to two different audiences.

Even so postcards continued to be manufactured and purchased for they played an important role in keeping up wartime morale, and were also an important tool in spreading propaganda.Some companies had merged in efforts to save themselves but many of the best publishers and printers went out of business completely.Printing supplies were low, costs were high, and the poor quality of the cards produced ended the public’s fascination with them.American neutrality did not stop President Wilson from propping up the Allied war effort with loans and a steady supply of ammunition.Although Germany bitterly complained and tried to stop this trade with their U-boats, they were always fearful of bringing America into the War.When the First World War opened in 1914 it created a great disruption in postcard production and distribution.

Some of the world’s best printing houses were located in Germany and Austria-Hungary, and while they continued to print large quantities of high quality cards during the war years, nations that relied heavily on these foreign printers could not make up this entire loss through their own production.

Despite the difficulties of producing cards in wartime, printers also found new opportunities as new needs arose.

On top of already declining postcard sales spurred by high tariffs, the flow of cards from Germany and Austria-Hungary were cut off from the American market by the war.

While most postcards in general were turning into nothing more that pretty pictures they were also being used to express political and social agendas in ever increasing numbers.

Just as the postcard industry was seeing new growth it was suddenly faced with the onset of a great economic depression.

The postwar years remained troubled and full of uncertainty as the old social order collapsed.

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