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Gail's second husband Martin adopted Sarah and her brother Nick Tilsley and raised them as his own, despite Gail's former mother in law, Ivy Brennan, trying to make things difficult for Martin to adopt.

When Sarah told best friend Candice Stowe of her pregnancy, Candice worked out for herself that Neil was the father.

Sarah Louise Platt (née Tilsley, previously Grimshaw) is the daughter of Gail Rodwell and the late Brian Tilsley, the adoptive daughter of Martin Platt, the older half-sister of David and the younger sister of Nick Tilsley.

She is also the mother of Bethany and Harry, as well as Billy, who passed away two days after his birth.

However, a blood test proved that Sarah was the daughter of Brian.

Gail was planning to keep the paternity a secret so she can raise Sarah herself but told Brian after Gail's mother Audrey Roberts accidentally revealed it during a heated argument with him.

There, she was examined by Dr Wilson who told the shocked mother and daughter that Sarah was five months pregnant, meaning it was also too late for an abortion.

This news also meant that Martin's plans to leave Gail for nurse Rebecca Hopkins, whom he was having an affair with at the time, were ruined as he realised he had to stay and support his family.

However, news of Sarah's pregnancy had already gone around the school and closer to home, believing Gail to be pregnant, the residents found out when Audrey accidentally told them who the real expectant mother was.

Blanche Hunt and Candice's mother, Marion Stowe, disapproved of Sarah after discovering she was pregnant and often delivered hurtful remarks at her.

Todd rushed Sarah into getting engaged and having a baby but before the birth he confessed to an affair with Karl Foster and that he was gay.

Sarah gave birth prematurely but baby Billy lived for only three days.

Gail, desperate to give Sarah her childhood back, suggested taking Sarah to Canada to stay with her half-brother Stephen Reid.

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