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Confessing that she had, in fact, contacted Sam the day after the Big Brother final, the 22-year-old said: "I sent a text, not that day or some point I don’t know."I just said you know, I said a lot of things but, ‘it’s nice to see you’ve been making money off the back of it, now you’ve got your own money I don’t have to pay for everything.Good luck with everything and I’ve finally met someone who does love me for being me."The Liverpool native also spoke to the panellists about the time she had tried to take her own life.

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If she was sat there doing nothing you’d take the piss, but because she’s dancing and is keeping fit your taking the piss!? However, cupid has descended upon that famous weight loss oasis a few times and delivered lasting relationships.In fact, Biggest Loser has a much better track record in the match-making department than The Bachelor.SAM Reece appeared to throw shade at ex Stephanie Davis just hours after it was confirmed she had given birth to her first baby.The former Hollyoaks actress announced the safe arrival of her son on Friday evening, but ex Sam didn't seem remotely phased by the news.Stephanie hit the red carpet in this stunning halter maxi dress a while back and she blew us all away with its striking hourglass style design.

This is a great optical illusion dress and promises to instantly shave inches off your waist and hips due to the black lines that melt into the background and melt your flabby bits without the need for liposuction.Taking to Twitter within an hour of Stephanie's bombshell, he simply posted a sleeping emoji.Moments later, he revealed he was eating spaghetti bolognese and getting on with his day, before sharing a lyric from Ed Sheeran's song, Shape Of You. Now my bed sheets smell like you.." The model dated Stephanie for almost a year before their relationship came crashing down after she met Irish model Jeremy Mc Connell in the Celebrity Big Brother house last January.In fact, the adorable duo has been flirting since they were in the final stages of casting, and made it “official” around week three. It was very elementary-style, especially in this environment. Stephanie says she immediately regretted not accepting the kiss and knew she would have to initiate. The couple is excited about progressing their relationship off the ranch and in to the real world, where they say Sam plans to move from his home in Rohnert Park, CA to be closer to Stephanie in West Hollywood.I at least wanted to give her a kiss goodnight and make that first move. “It feels like there’s so much promise in our future,” says Sam.After splitting up, Stephanie dated Jeremy once they left the house only to break up themselves a few months later, and claims he is the father of her child.

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