Speed dating second date

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Speed dating second date - farmer online dating site

Other high discrepancy traits include attractiveness and sincerity.Interestingly, the lowest discrepancies occur with intelligence and ambition, both of which are more measurable than the other three traits.

This might be because “fun” is so subjective and each person will believe the things he or she is interested in to be fun while an outsider may find these things mundane or dull.

We proceed by taking a look at the correlation between these attributes. Well, imagine that when we look at the data for how intelligent people scored their dates, we find that it is highly correlated with how sincere they scored their dates.

That is, we find that people, whether consciously or subconsciously, think of intelligent people as also sincere.

With this confidence in our model, we are now ready to list the model’s top five factors in predicting whether you will get a second date.

In addition to a bunch of opportunities for “love at first sight”, we can also view our data as a two-sided economic market, where value is determined by other participants in the market. You, as a person, have a certain social value on five traits we have data for: Attractiveness, Intelligence, Ambition, Fun, and Sincerity.

This model basically works by trying to answer the question: “Will someone request to go on a second date?

” and arrives at its final answer by asking a series of yes or no questions.Dating has long been regarded as a simultaneously rule-driven and mysterious game.You need to dress well, seem interested in everything your date says, but all the while, “be yourself”.Each male-female pair would then go on a quick 4 minute “speed date” and would have the chance to rank their partners on the previously mentioned six attributes as well as indicate whether or not they would like to schedule a second date with their partner.Viewing this study as a plethora of opportunities for two people to feel “love at first sight”, we can start asking many of the age old questions when it comes to dating and specifically first dates.You need to come off as fun and exciting but not share the most important and intimate parts of yourself so soon.

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