Updating selfpopulatingcache example

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Updating selfpopulatingcache example - Free sex chat yahoo answer

This means mutating a value, will affect the cache contents directly.Future versions of cache2k will have additional storage options and allow cache entries to be migrated to off heap storage or persisted.

The information of the current entry can be used to optimize the data request.

At some points rationale or background information is given. You will find additional information in the API Java Doc, in examples, and in the test cases.

, that checks all our previous flights and finds the airline we liked the most.

is a trick which constructs an anonymous class, which contains the complete type information.

If just an object would be created the complete type information would not be available at runtime and could not be used for configuring the cache. To prevent problems, cache2k refuses to build a cache with an array value type specified at the configuration.

Here is an example formulated as Java 8 lambda expression, which inserts a value and sets the expiry after 120 minutes: The loader actions may only depend on the input key parameter.

In case the load operation will yield an exception it may be passed on to the cache.

Interfaces not meant for extension may get new methods.

The documentation is intended as a overview guide through the functionality of cache2k and will help you discover every important feature.

the loader gets invoked instantly if refresh ahead is enabled.

If the loader is invoked, the current value will stay visible until the updated value is available.

When defining your own keys, it is therefore a good idea to design them as immutable object.

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