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But she also dropped some gems about dating that I think we could all use. Do you have a self-care regimen that you do now for your mental health or just to relax? And then I also treat myself once a week to something that says I love myself. I can be goofy and I don't have to have on makeup — although I kind of have to keep it cute — but I can be myself. So there's this place in Texas called Jive Turkey and it's a fried turkey and they have various flavors.Whether it’s getting an ice cream sandwich or 'girl you know you ain't shaved your legs. I think that's the main thing for those of us who are always ‘on.’ Can you come home and just be yourself?

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I truly didn’t know what to expect by discussing depression and how dark it was for me!

“I truly didn’t know what to expect by discussing depression and how dark it was for me! “Letters like this comfort me letting me know it’s ok to CONTINUE sharing my story that I actually share with millions of others!

Lord I thank you for this opportunity to use my platform to save lives and let people know they’re not odd, crazy, WEAK, or alone….just need help and guidance!!

“I’m in one of the top-selling female groups of all time, suffering with depression,” the singer, 37, explained. '” Looking back, Williams believes that Knowles “wanted me to be grateful, which I was, but I was still sad.” Things were so bad, Williams eventually reached “the point where I was suicidal” and “wanted out.” At first, Williams had no idea what to call her condition.

“When I disclosed it to our manager [Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father] at the time, bless his heart, he was like, ‘You all just signed a multi-million dollar deal. “I think at the age of 25, had I had a name to what I was feeling at the time, I would have disclosed that ‘I’ve been suffering from depression,'” the singer said.

Not only that, he’s apparently all the way into Michelle and proudly flaunting their relationship after she helped him celebrate his 40th birthday. #40for40 // The relationship should magnify life's joys!! I have a REALLY hard time letting people celebrate me!

According to Steelers fansite Behind The Steele Curtain, Johnson provides pastoral services for the team and their families. // #40single Postsbefore40 #smilewaymore #lifeisgood #Godisgood 🇺🇸😎 A post shared by C H A D J O H N S O N (@chadjohnson77) on Last night my friends surprised me with a Birthday dinner cruise. #40for40 // It feels so so good to let people that really love you do that!!This year, she also opened up about her past struggles with depression during a segment on CBS’s That latter point is important. So what can I do that just gives something to myself for a little bit? What is it like trying to date as a person who has been a celebrity for over a decade? I will leave it up to people to categorize what they want to call it. I know what I want to talk about but I don't know what that sound is going to be yet.”You ordered a turkey online?Because during a cherished one-on-one conversation with Williams before her panel, she told me about her self-care, why she ordered her Thanksgiving dish online, and when we can expect new music from her. I light my candles, music, just really basic things. “I never thought about that with him because I remember noticing that I'm totally able to be myself. “I ordered a turkey because I've never done a turkey [for Thanksgiving] before.For any other artist, this could be an ominous sign of troubled waters, but for Williams, it was simply time to live her life. Are they helping you deepen your faith or are they distracting you from it? You obviously nail gospel but can also kill it with R&B.“That's a really good question.On a panel at the Fearless Reloaded conference in Atlanta last month, she talked about some of her non-musical accomplishments during that time, which include debuting her line of bedding called Believe at Home with Evine. Anything that's distracting you away from whatever was making you successful might not be cool. I'm in a great place in life so in 2018 I will put music out. It's going to have faith and it's going to have love with it.“I didn’t know until I was in my 30s what was going on; I thought it was growing pains.